What kinds of young people come on the trip with MeySen?

The children who come are average children from average homes. They are not a specially chosen group.

How many children does MeySen bring to the US each year?

Around 120 children come on the tour. The groups are broken up into two groups, one week apart for logistic reasons.

How many leaders come with the children?

There are between six and eight leaders that come with each group. They all speak English as well as Japanese. The leaders are with the children at camp the week before homestay as well as for the rest of the trip. The leaders stay nearby during the homestay and they are always available 24 hours a day should you have any concerns during the time the children are in your home.

What should we do to prepare for having the students?

There is really nothing special you need to do to prepare to have the students. They will of course need a place to sleep, but not a private bedroom per se. Some parents have found that it is helpful to plan some activities and do some meal preparation and shopping ahead of time.

What are some ideas for us as far as activities to do with our students?

You really do not need to plan anything special. Your everyday family life will be very interesting. Your dishwasher, baking cookies, taking a shower and the family pets will be entertaining. They would enjoy a time of shopping for souvenirs or small things to take home. Some families have found that Hallmark, or other similar stores are more inviting for purchases for the students. They would love a trip to the mall or to Wal-Mart as these are somewhat different for them. Each child has twenty dollars to spend.

Can we take our students to church or other Christian functions?

You are free to take the Japanese students to your fellowship, potluck or family outing. The children are all from Buddhist homes but have heard the Gospel many times during their years at MeySen. Each one brings with them a Bible in English and Japanese. Please feel free to share your heart with them. It is because of the reputation of the school and God’s blessing that the parents of these children have allowed them to come to the States and stay in Christian homes. They would find a family picnic, wedding or other group gathering very educational and entertaining.

Will we be able to communicate with our students?

The students have been taking English lessons after school for many years at MeySen. They tend to be somewhat shy about trying their English in a new and unfamiliar environment. They understand more than they can verbalize.