The US Trip

A three-week study trip is available to graduates in G7, their first year of junior high school. Through a week-long camp and three-day homestay with an American family, students can build long-lasting relationships with new friends. The US trip is the perfect opportunity for students to apply the English they have learned at MeySen.

Seattle Study Trip

The 4th Grade Seattle Trip is held every year in March. MeySen students are immersed in American life from the moment they arrive in the United States, and must quickly rely on the English and social skills they have been acquiring since kindergarten.
American host families receive MeySen Students as if they were members of their own families, and teachers at the local primary schools are overjoyed to welcome MeySen students into their classrooms. Teachers and host parents alike are surprised at how comfortably MeySen students can communicate in English, asking whether the students have really only just arrived in America! The 4th Grade Seattle Trip last for two weeks, and includes a four-day stay with an American family, camp activities, and classroom visits to local American schools-all of which develop the students’ maturity as valuable member of society.

Friends in Europe

The Europe Trip

Students in G11, their second year of high school, qualify for the 19-day Europe Trip. They will experience home life and school like in the UK and Germany, and briefly visit France.

Friends Ryugaku
(MeySen Overseas Studies)

Study Abroad in America or Australia

MeySen offers a scholarship program to allow senior high school graduates to study abroad. Candidates may choose the one-year US Course or the four-week Australia Summer Course.
Each participating student will polish English skills while growing in confidence, self-reliance, perseverance, acceptance of responsibility, and relational courtesies.