Although I was terribly shy, it was my dream to make friends with people all over the world. Fortunately, when I went on the 7th grade study trip to the United States, I had a very supportive host family, and soon I was able to make many wonderful friends. Today my daily work requires me to speak English and travel the world!
Arisa Kusakai (Anita), MeySen Alumna

I was so nervous before the trip, wondering if I could handle being in such a different environment. But my host family welcomed me so warmly, took me around to so many places, and gave me a number of presents to take home. I also gave them presents from Japan, taught them about Origami and how to play with Japanese toys. It made me happy to see them enjoying those gifts. I loved the family so much that I couldn’t help crying when I left. I am so thankful for everything they did. If they happen to see this message, I would like to tell them, “Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I cannot wait to see you all again someday!”
Shuji Chiba (Brad), MeySen Alumnus

We have hosted MeySen Academy students for close to twenty years. These experiences have given every member of our entire family a chance to practice (or learn for the first time) character qualities such as hospitality, empathy, sensitivity, generosity, flexibility, enthusiasm, and love.
T. Hug, Host Family

We so enjoyed hosting Claire & Tanya. We acted like tourists and visited places we hadn’t in a long time. Everyone had so much fun. We’ve heard from the girls and their families since they left and we hope to host again this year.
T. Taylor, Host Family

I noticed that Americans always give thanks to God before the meal. I wondered why because I did not feel that meals were anything special. But through the Bible talks and daily meals, I began to realize that there are many people out there who struggle to have food for the day. It taught me how much I am blessed. I am glad that I got to learn the heart of appreciation from the homestay experience in America. I will remember to pray in my heart after going back to Japan.
Nariko Yamada (Nina), MeySen Alumna

The homestay was different from the camp in that I enjoyed relaxed time, playing games and using trampolines with the host family. My parents told me before the trip to be thankful for anything that I get to experience in America. Though it was only 3 days that I stayed with the host family, I said countless “thank you”s. I think that shows how much I got to learn, and how much kindness I received from people in such short time.
Yuna Osaka (Krista), MeySen Alumna